Welcome to Sundara Diamonds

Sundara Diamonds was founded with the sole purpose to cater to the Diamond needs of independent jewelers. We provide unmatched service and are your one call for every need for Diamonds with flexible memo terms.

At Sundara, every inquiry is attended with utmost diligence. Our dedicated sales team will assist you throughout the buying process, from selection of best Diamonds for your jewelry to place an order and get smooth delivery.

What we do

We carry loose Diamonds ranging from melee to 10.00ct in all shapes and sizes. All our Diamonds have been intricately cut to maximize their brilliance and graded by renowned labs for the 4 Cs- Cut, Color, Carat and Clarity.

What we offer

We sell only 100% Natural, earth mined Diamonds. Each of our loose Diamonds is certified and perfect for making high-end Jewelry.

Ethically Sourced

Handpicked in USA, we deliver ethically sourced and conflict free diamonds to the stores near you

Certified Diamonds

We carry only certified Diamonds. All our Diamonds are GIA, PGS, AGS and EGL USA certified

Overnight Shipping

We have a perfect distribution channel that is capable of making overnight shipping