Who we are?

Sundara Diamonds is a 2nd generation leader in diamond manufacturing and importing.  We have been servicing jewelers for over 20 years and owe much of our success to our clients that have informed us of their needs and given us opinions on how we can better serve them.

In our business it is hard to find a reputable dealer that can supply well priced, accurately graded, and nicely made loose diamonds. We painstakingly select every one of our diamonds procured only through conflict free sources. We are grateful and honored at the trust and friendship that you have given us. 

What we do

We specialize in all shapes and sizes of loose Diamonds from melee to 10 carats with flexible stock and memo programs. Since inception, we have consistently focused on increasing customers satisfaction with our wide and varied diamond range.

All the Diamonds that you purchase from Sundara Diamonds are certified natural diamonds. It gives you the confidence of knowing that you have bought a high quality natural diamond. All our diamonds are ethically sourced. We provide complete transparency on our diamond supply chain, so you always know where your diamond has come from.